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Alex Patrascu
Alex Patrascu

UX/UI Designer. I like to craft beautiful interfaces from pen and paper prototyping towards the final pixel perfect product.

css, html, icon, illustration, ios design, ui, ux, web design

  1. Futurama T-Shirt gray tshirt yellow futurama
  2. Travel App view feed article yellow black travel
  3. Sections menu sections menu blue article website share
  4. Search search blur article website share
  5. Edit profile edit profile popup inputs white
  6. Tooltip tooltip comments social white feed votes
  7. Shopping List (GIF) food app yellow animation anim gif menu popup white
  8. Recipes App colorful recipes app yellow crab food ios
  9. Space Race T-Shirt space race tshirt t-shirt gray cottonbureau black
  10. Offline Pages Icon offline pages browser safari airplane blue compas ios ios7 icon
  11. Aero Weather [Promo Codes] weather ios app iphone ios7 gradient conditions orange blue
  12. Aero Weather iphone weather ios ios7 rain orange purple app simple minimal
  13. Weather Icon weather icon sunset clouds blue red yellow shining shine app ios
  14. Music App. Take 2 music app ios iphone play
  15. Music App music app ios iphone brown yellow gold drawer menu dark
  16. Sidebar Navigation sidebar navigation red black white
  17. Harlem Shake App harlem shake logo black white red app ios
  18. Free Signup! free signup register form yellow button
  19. Search search map tab bar orange
  20. Pin Detail map pin orange price tag
  21. Menu menu dark orange selected notification
  22. Earn List View map pin tabs orange list view
  23. Tag tag orange message
  24. Earn! map pin tabs orange
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